Ahmed Essam
Ahmed Essam

Ahmed Essam

The passionate problem solver CEO


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Ahmed Essam

Ahmed Essam

The passionate problem solver CEO

Ahmed Essam is an Egyptian investor, business owner and passionate problem solver CEO. Born and raised in Egypt in 1995 August 2nd. Ahmed is best known as the vice president of Trade Key Egypt and Glory Houseware. During his career at Trade Key Egypt, Ahmed held the positions of vice president and chief software architect.

Before Ahmed become the vice president of Trade Key Egypt, he used to work in different corporates such as Misr University For Science And Technology, Innovation Hub and Wuilt to gain experience such as managerial experience, technical experience, etc...


Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Misr University For Science And Technology

Master's degree in business administration (Will graduate in 2024) from Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT)

Diploma in professional executive manager from Longevity Institute For Professional Management Development - Dubai

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Vice President and chief software architect

Trade Key Egypt - Glory Egypt, Currently

Trade Key Egypt launched in 2007, it is specializing in retailing, provides B2B (Business To Business) and B2C (Business To Customer) trading.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Changing the company from paper-based company to system-based company.
  • Designated resources and supported internal units' customer operations to meet target objectives.
  • Utilized analytics to drive improved business decision-making, quality and profitability.
  • Reviewed internal systems to control financial and strategic planning activities.
  • Coordinated budget forecasting and sustainability planning activities for new and existing projects.
  • Developed successful internal and external operations, meeting organization's changing needs and requirements.
  • Reduced costs by improving efficiency across the board and renegotiating key contracts with more favorable pricing structures.

Manager and System Administrator

Misr University For Science And Technology, 2019

Misr University for Science and Technology is a university in 6th of October City, Giza, Egypt. It was established by presidential decree number 245 for 1996.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Managing the E-learning Management System Operation.
  • Leading the E-learning team-members.
  • Improving the process efficiency and effectiveness.



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